Sell a puppy to Russia?

Could you sell a puppy to Russia? What would your reaction be if you get a request from a Russian breeder? Why do European breeders become so suspicious when they communicate with the breeders from my country?
Being in dogs since 1992, I made friends with many many dog breeders from all parts of the world. Some of them have never seen me, with few we are nearly relatives. But practically ALL of them (with a few exceptions) where surprised and even shocked to get a letter/phone call from a Russian breeder, to say nothing of sending a puppy to this country. Some of my Russian doggy-friends got refusals on their requests about foreign breeders. I was more lucky.

One of the main reasons why world breeders don’t want to sell dogs to Russia is that for many years our country lived separatelly from the whole world except socialist countries. You could never be sure that you get correct information from the USSR – or get it at all. Just 20 years ago it was very difficult – practically impossible!- for a soviet citizen to visit any European country. To see a REAL Russian in Sweden, or Luxemburg, or Belgium — that was a miracle! Everything unknown gives way to rumours. The wonderful gossips about “bears walking down Moscow streets” and Russians drinking vodka from morning till night were born at that time. Thanks God, these times moved to eternity.

The names of Russian breeders are famous all over the world. “Moonlight Show” (american cockers), “Gloris” (giant schnauzers), Ave Concord (standard schnauzers), “iz Zoosfery” (dobermans), “Mini Shop” (yorkshire terriers), “Alkmena” (chow-chows), Malakhovskiy (black terriers) – the list of world-known Russian kennels is really long.

Dogs are kept in wonderful conditions in Russia. The matter is that the majority of Russian dog breeders and ordinary dog-lovers live in flats, there are only a few of them who live in cottages and country houses. Dogs ARE the members of our families, as they live close to us, sleep in the same room (and some of them – in the same bed) as we do; take part in all our activities; welcome guests with us; travel and walk with our children. They live the life of the family – and enjoy it. Many owners treat them as humans (“My Jack is one of my kids” – what a typical phrase of a Russian woman!). Their dogs pay them the same :-).

Practically ALL Russian kennels, mostly unprofitable, feed dogs with top-quality dry-food. “Hills”, “Eukanuba”, “Nutro Choice”, “Pedigree Andvance” are very popular amoung Russian dog owners. If you feed with “Chappy” or “Pedigree Complete” – that is a shame. It can happen only in Russia when the owner who earns 300 euros per month buys “Hills” for his mastif!
Some Russians never use dry food, and they cook fresh meat (never bones!), vegetables and fruit for their pets. Once my mother cooked beef for dinner – and my grandmother was very disappointed when she saw that: the meat was for our collie! You can see it was a good piece meat from a “human” shop. Foreign judges mention thta many Russian show dogs are fat – well, we, Russians, like good cooking 🙂

Overwhelming love
Russian owners adore their pets. “Man’s best friend” – that’s how Russians speak about their dogs. The love to dogs is a part of Russian culture. We have namy movies about touching friendship between men and dogs. Not all of them have happy-ends, but they teach people (especially children) that dogs and other animals are living creatures, who need human attitude, care and responsibility. Dog hotels are still not very popular in Russia: the better part of Russians can’t even think of leaving their pets alone during their vocations! They would better take the dog with them! The hotel doesn’t allow to stay with dogs? OK, we won’t go at all!

Dog kennels
As I’ve already said, our breeders keep dogs in flats. It means, they need to walk with them a lot, especially if you want your dog to have good angulation and strong mussles. Just imagine: the time your dogs spend running freely in the yard, our dogs spend walking with their owner! No wonder Russian breeders are well-angulated and have wonderful mussles J
We never keep dogs in crates at home. When I bought my first crate for shows, my relatives were shocked: “WHAT?! Do you mean you want to keep our Taffy in this CAGE?!”. I’m sure it’s very convenient to have a crate at shows, but my grandmother is still sure I torture poor dogs.

Special dates

Do you celebrate you dogs’ birthdays? I do, as well as many of my friends. We buy a cake and give a piece to every dog. All my dogs get presents on their birthday: usually it is a new collar, or a leash, or a box of bisquites. We have five dogs – and five happy days every year. This year we plan to make a party on Pongo’s birthday with guests and birthday dinner – why not? Look at the picture – these wonderful flowers our collie got for my sister’s birthday. Why was it the dog who got flowers? I don’t know – it was one of the guests’ idea 🙂

Dog shows
Russian breeders are show maniacs. If you sell a puppy to Russian breeder, be sure, the dog will have a wonderful show career. We like the atmosphere of dog shows and have got used to travelling. Look through the catalogues of the main world shows: you’ll see many Russian dogs entered.
Of course there are bad owners in Russia – as well as in ANY country. I travelled a lot and saw many dirty, skinny dogs in Europe as well as in Russia, met the breeders who treated their dogs terribly – I’m sure you met such people in your country too. As well as all European countries we face the problem of cruelty, unhuman attitude and poor conditions. But please keep in mind that you sell a puppy not to the country, but to a person. It’s not the size of the flat or the brand of the car but it’s the owner that makes your dog happy. Choose the man, not the country!

By Evteeva Maria, kennel Reedly Road

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